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Welcome to the Mafia!

We understand show builds don’t happen overnight, we want to be your go-to community for the ENTIRE process!
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“Am I allowed to rep a banner?”

Here at CTM, the answer is always yes. The only requirement is to remain respectful towards other members!
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“Why did you start Common Traffic Mafia?”

Every time I posted my own car on social media I got called “Common Traffic”. I knew that although my car might be “Common”, a beautiful build can be made out of any platform.

That’s when Common Traffic Mafia was born.


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Want to meet members in the community?

We’re extremely active on social media

Our Facebook group and Discord have thousands of members with great daily conversation, we’d love for you to stop by and show off your ride!

We also personally love seeing the Mafia repping merch, that’s why we always encourage you to tag us on your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our Tiktok page!

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A thank you, from @Chained2.0t

Whether you’re just browsing, or looking for your next pick-up, I want to thank you for being here.

As a community, we continue to make the car scene a better place everyday, and for that I’m forever grateful.